Ties That Bind by Phillip Margolin

Ties that Bind Phillip MargolinTies that Bind is a legal thriller by Phillip Margolin. It’s his ninth book and features one of his recurring characters, defense lawyer Amanda Jaffe. Taking on the most hopeless of cases Jaffe finds herself not only up against some very powerful and dangerous men, but also facing her own personal demons.

Jon Dupre is a pimp accused of murdering a United States senator, – the kind of case no defense lawyer wants to handle. Especially when Dupre has just murdered his previous lawyer. Amanda Jaffe is assigned to the case and even she has her doubts when she hears Dupre’s unlikely story that there is a ring of powerful politicians all banded together through a chilling crime they committed.

Tim Kerrigan is the handling prosecution. However he stumbles into his own personal strife when he is caught in a compromising situation. His reputation, his family and his life are all at stake if he doesn’t find an immediate and conclusive solution to this problem.

Jaffe too is finding more than the usual difficulties with her defense. Certain people are desperate that Jon Dupre remains behind bars and they will stoop to any measures to ensure that Jaffe complies. Including reminding her of her very traumatic past.

As the plot slowly unravels, Jaffe and Kerrigan find themselves up against much stronger forces than they ever imagined and as they tussle they begin to wonder whether justice will ever prevail.

This was a classic Margolin. The political intrigue, the legal rollercoaster and the sublime final twist. The book had all the pace and detailed characters we have become accustomed to, and once again Phillip Margolin doesn’t disappoint.

Find it on Amazon now, also available on Audio CD. For other Margolin reviews, read Executive Privilege.

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