The Tristan Betrayal

The Tristan BetrayalThe Tristan Betrayal is a blockbuster spy novel by the master of thrillers, Robert Ludlum. The book follows Stephen Metcalfe, an American super-spy and his undercover mission in Russia during World War II and how consequently, as an ambassador, he has to once more step forward to save a situation with Russia.

In 1940 Metcalfe is undercover as an Argentine businessman in Paris. While playing the role of a charming young man and an irresistible flirt, he stealthily keeps contacts within the Resistance. However, this mission is cut short when most of the Resistance are mysteriously assassinated – all with their throats garroted – and he is asked to go to Russia where Stalin has recently declared an alliance with Hitler. The catch in all this is that he is to make contact with Lana, a former lover of his, and a girl he hasn’t successfully gotten over. The plan is shocking in its audaciousness, but ultimately could be the turning point in the war if it comes off successfully.

In Russia he finds himself constantly being trailed by the KGB and concerned when Lana refuses to make contact. Eventually he succeeds where he rapidly rekindles the flame between them, but at the cost of arrest and imprisonment in the Lubyanka, the KGB headquarters. He eventually gains freedom but is forced to flee, hoping that the plan he has implemented via Lana will succeed. Until the realization sinks in that the success of the plot may be hinged on the betrayal of Lana.

The book then forwards to 1991 where there is a concerning state of affairs with Russia on the verge of declaring war on the Western world. Metcalfe, now an ambassador is sent to use his experience in Russia to defuse the tensions. While there he is in for a huge revelation concerning his past.

The Tristan BetrayalThe Tristan Betrayal by Robert Ludlum was written after Ludlum’s death according to an outline found written by Ludlum. It is a thrilling spy novel with heart stopping drama in the true Ludlum tradition. A great read which will keep you hooked all the way through until its explosive end.

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