The New Mrs. Collins by Quanie Miller

The New Mrs Collins by Quanie MillerThe New Mrs. Collins by Quanie Miller is the second novel by this talented writer and will keep you intrigued til the end. Beginning in a seemingly normal setting of an anxious bride awaiting her wedding, the book quickly takes a turn from normal to anything but, with a dark and paranormal twist. Leena, the bride to be, watches in a stunned horror as her perfect life is unceremoniously ripped away from her by a mysterious new woman in town.

At first, it seems her life is simply shattered by the ever so common man’s wandering eye, but at a closer glance, and as Leena digs deeper, she discovers quite the opposite has occurred. Struggling to find proof and get to the bottom of strange and unexplainable things, Leena finds herself in the fight for her life and the lives of all of her loved ones. With her son stuck in the middle of a not so common battle between exes, Leena does what any mother would do to protect her child. As those close to her are slowly affected by the mysterious woman, it becomes increasingly clear that things are not what they seem.

The New Mrs. Collins was an extremely entertaining read. Miller’s writing style flows easily and her character building was excellent. Miller sets the scene beautifully at the beginning, really letting you get to know the main character quickly. I found parts to be amusing but mostly it was simply intriguing and well written. With the perfect blend of reality versus the “impossible,” the ending was brilliant as it tied in the unmistakable fact and lesson of life…that love is the most important thing. For readers who enjoy a little “magic,” or things a little out of the ordinary, and perhaps that little tingle of “spooky” at the end of a book-The New Mrs. Collins is highly recommended.

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