The Less You Know by Jenny Ashley

The Less You KnowThe Less You KnowThe Less You Know by Jenny Ashley is a thriller novel by Jenny Ashley. The book follows Cecilia Parkinson, a bail bondswoman, who after arranging bail for her client, Ryder Kelly, a drug dealer, now has the unenviable task of reeling him back in after he skipped.

She suddenly finds the task less than straightforward as she discovers that there are people who want to prevent her from achieving this objective at any cost. She teams up with Robert Lewis, someone who she has known intermittently, and together they find themselves fleeing across the globe, hounded by ruthless killers.

The book moves at a frenetic pace, the drama unrelenting. The characters are well depicted, the emotions well balanced, and the dubious chemistry between Cecilia and Robert adds an intriguing ingredient to the mix. The book concludes with a cliffhanger, leaving you desperate for more. Find it on AmazonThe Less You Know

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