Less Is More by Jenny Ashley

Less Is MoreLess is MoreLess is More by Jenny Ashley is the second novel by Jenny Ashley, and the sequel to the thriller The Less You Know.

The story resumes a number of months after Cecilia Parkinson, a bail bondswoman, survives a series of attempts on her life while trying to bring back bail jumper, Ryder Kelly. She has since separated again from Robert Lewis, a friend who she has romantic feelings for but has since found too controlling for her liking.

She is handed responsibility of protecting Benjamin Jones, a man who has been placed in the Witness Protection program, and she finds herself once more flirting with danger as she attempts to transfer him – while all the while trying to resist the man’s charms. If that isn’t enough, she suddenly has to contend with Robert’s sudden reappearance, and the book once again concludes in a flurry of drama, surprise and suspense.

The book is narrated at an unrelenting pace, the drama good and the emotions well portrayed, and I look forward to reading the third novel of the trilogy.

Find this novel as well as the first, The Less You Know, on Amazon.

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