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Jeffery Deaver XOJeffery Deaver XO is another thrilling drama by the master of suspense. The story features Kathryn Dance, one of Deaver’s newer heroes, a kinesics expert, as she attempts to protect a talented singer from her stalker.

Kayleigh Towne is a seventeen year old talented and beautiful singer. She is storming the charts and taking the world by storm as her voice and charisma capture the hearts of everyone who sees her. However, trouble looms in the form of a misguided stalker, Edwin Sharp, misinterpreting her xo at the end of the fan letter reply as a sign of love, who is now hounding her and sending obsessive messages and gifts.

Kathryn Dance, a kinesics expert, which is the skill of reading body language, is in town at the time when the fears regarding the stalker begin to escalate. A couple of acts of violence to people around Kayleigh, always preceded by a phrase from Kayleigh’s song, means that Dance must act quick to find evidence to arrest the stalker. Sharp though is surprisingly sharp and aware, fending off Dance’s attempt in detecting the truth during their interrogation.

It is becoming apparent though, that there may be more than one fan of Kayleigh’s with a violent agenda, and Dance is compelled to enlist the assistance of criminologist Lincoln Rhyme in revealing the latter’s identity in time to prevent the next attack. As events progress, Dance, – who is also going through personal issues at home, – with the aid of her kinesics skills, is discovering that all is not as it may appear on the surface. Suddenly the focus switches again and she finds herself in a race for time to protect the young girl’s life, while at the same time she must make some tough decisions on her own future.

Jeffery Deaver’s XO is a classic Deaver novel; with multiple twists, keeping you continuously guessing the outcome. The characters brilliantly depicted, and lots of information into the art of kinesics, the story is engrossing, unpredictable and ultimately surprising.

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