Executive Privilege by Phillip Margolin

Executive Privilege Phillip MargolinExecutive Privilege by Phillip Margolin although covering a relatively well used topic, that of an American president accused of adultery, Executive Privilege is recounted with such pace and drama that it brings a refreshing novelty to its readers.

When Dana Cutler, a small time detective, is hired by a rich lawyer to follow a young student, she has a suspicion that it may be political. And, indeed, her suspicions are confirmed when she sees the student, Jennifer Walsh meet up with the president at a covert location, all of which she catches on her camera. She is then discovered by the secret service keeping guard and is fired upon as she flees, strengthening her belief that there was something seriously underhand going on here. When they discover the body of this student, (killed in an imitation of the DC Ripper who is haunting Washington at the time), Cutler realizes that she must run for her life.

Brad Miller is defending a criminal who is sitting on death row. The murderer is claiming his innocence and he says he can prove it. He has an alibi, which puts him at a different murder at a different place. When Miller uncovers the evidence he wonders who committed the original murder and why. He teams up with Dana Cutler, and, as they encounter stiff opposition from Miller’s boss for advancing the investigation, they realize that they are touching on a very sensitive issue. Further furtive investigations reveal a very dark secret: the president of the United States, who preaches family values, is cheating on his pregnant wife with younger girls and has them killed to keep himself clear of scandal! They must try to prove the terrible truth to the nation while at the same time avoid being hunted down by the secret service, determined to protect the president’s honor. As they uncover evidence they find people clamming up, unwilling to talk, unwilling to implicate the president. Will Miller and Cutler be able to get to the bottom of this?

Executive Privilege by Phillip Margolin is a pulsating read where the action is relentless. The drama begins from the first page and never lets you go. The suspicion swings from person to person until the final twist at the end which left me immensely satisfied. The characters are well defined and interesting too. I also appreciated that despite the story line being about a less than ethical president, Margolin still makes an effort to portray him in a positive light. A very satisfying read.

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