Edge by Jeffery DeaverJeffery Deaver Edge

Edge by Jeffery DeaverThe Edge by Jeffery Deaver is a fast paced action that will keep you turning pages, entertained and on the edge (no pun intended) of your seat until the end. Jeffrey Deaver has a long list of hit novels and this is no exception. There are so many plot twists and surprises you will once again be astounded by this writer’s ability to come up with fresh ideas that keep the reader guessing. This story is of a man, Corte, who works for a Federal organization, one that is never identified. His job description is to protect individuals who are in possession of sensitive, likely dangerous and highly profitable information. There of course is another character who is doing his best to get this information and this character is not someone you want to come across if you can help it. This is a great read and is highly recommended.

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