Dan Brown The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown The Lost SymbolThe Lost Symbol is the fifth novel by Dan Brown and the third to feature Robert Langdon, the Harvard symbologist. In this book, Langdon is in the hunt of a legend of Mason tradition, while at the same time fighting for his life and the life of a dear friend.

The story begins when Langdon gets invited by his mentor, Peter Solomon, to deliver a lecture at the United States Capitol. He is also told to bring along a small package that Solomon entrusted to his care many years earlier. When he arrives however, he realizes the invitation did not come from Solomon but from his kidnapper, Malakh, who shows Langdon a severed arm taken from Solomon. He is blackmailing Langdon to use his expertise to find the Mason pyramid which he believes is located in Washington.

Langdon, following a clue on Solomon’s hand is led back to a Masonic alter in Solomon’s house where Langdon discovers a small pyramid keystone. Upon revealing that the package that he had in his keeping all those years also contained a pyramid, but before he can examine the implications, he finds himself fleeing from the police.

Malakh eventually captures Langdon and it is revealed that he believes that there is a special power obtainable when Langdon uncovers the Mason secret. He forces Langdon to discover the keyword with the aid of the two pyramids he has in his possession. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Malakh is actually Peter Solomon’s long lost son. He forces the secret word, the circumpunct, out of his father and tattoos it on his scalp. He then orders Peter to sacrifice him, threatening to release a video of high ranking government officials performing Masonic rituals, because he believes it his destiny to be a demonic spirit. The police arrive just in time to intervene, Malakh dying when impaled by a shard of glass, and his video he attempted to release to the media is blocked in the nick of time.

The Lost SymbolThe Lost Symbol by Dan Brown ends as Peter Solomon reveals the truth about the secret word and the true location of the Mason Pyramid. I found this book a very good read; a typical Dan Brown book. Brown likes his research and I felt that there was perhaps too much information, but the plot and drama were great. Good pace throughout and on the whole a very satisfying read.

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