The Perfect Crime by A. A. Smith

The Perfect Crime by A. A. SmithThe Perfect Crime by A.A Smith was reminiscent of The Usual Suspects. For a debut novel I was very impressed by the intricacy and obvious work that went into creating this novel.

Starting off immediately with intrigue, the plot opens on a group of friends who have found themselves in a lot of trouble. Stumbling on a dead body, that mysteriously disappears during a high school party thrown by a “new student” no one has met, the dominoes to a crazy and ingenious plan begin.

Part of the story takes place following the group as they complete difficult, almost impossible tasks in order to stay alive. The rest is found within a police station as the group tries to explain why they are mixed up with multiple homicides and the supposed perpetrator, an untraceable man named “Brendon.” The police are stumped; trying to discover his identity and whether he actually exists.

The way the story is presented keeps you guessing. What is the mastermind’s intent? And who he could possibly be?

If you like mystery novels and “who done its,” this book is for you. For my taste, the writing was far too detailed at times. However, I know some readers actually like this so I am recommending this book regardless of my personal taste.

Overall, the story was interesting and composed well. The plot is slowly revealed to the reader and will keep you guessing. I would love to know what you all think of it.

Was the story believable for you? Like The Usual Suspects, did you see the end coming? And if not, who did you think was the “Mastermind” and why? Was this The Perfect Crime?

Check out The Perfect Crime on Amazon and let us know what you think! Leave a comment below and don’t forget to leave a review for the author ;)

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