Finding Me by Dawn Brazil

Finding Me by Dawn BrazilOne of the things I love about reading books by Indie authors is finding the little gems that no one else has had a chance to find yet. Unlike all of the main stream books everybody is talking about, Indie books bring unique and undiscovered things to the table.

This time it was from author Dawn Brazil with her book Finding Me.

Finding Me was an incredibly charming book about a teenage girl who whilst also dealing with the fun roller coaster ride of just being a teenager, also finds out that she is of all things … a superhero who is in charge of saving the world.

Yes, a superhero.

Does it sound cheesy? Perhaps the term. But the overall concept of the book and delivery was actually quite good. It was both entertaining and intriguing as well as humorous and inventive.

I enjoyed the subtlety of the girl’s plight of trying to “find herself,” as we all do, mixed in with the complexity of her situation.

The book begins with its interesting twists immediately as the protagonist, Chloe Carmichael, finds herself mysteriously transported to a gruesome scene: her boyfriend. Dead.

After the brief glimpse she is returned to reality where he is very much alive, only to have the relief of that ripped away shortly after by the “vision” coming true.

Confused and alone she is left to wonder what is real. And if she is losing her mind.

Events happen quickly though and soon a new mystery walks into her life. A young man named Chris who is all but infatuated with her and claims to be her soul mate.

With strange new powers and abilities presenting themselves daily and a new love interest who can magically appear whenever he so wishes, Chloe is quick to discover that she isn’t the person she had once believed.

While dealing with “mother” issues, as most teenage girls are, Chris begins to reveal to her the truth about her past and who she really is.

Fighting her true feelings for the new man in her life and wrestling with the idea that she is actually a superhero and the leader of their group, Chloe begins to accept her fate.

After traveling to another world and seeing and hearing the truth from her real mother, she has no choice but to believe its true.

With only 1 year left to live in order to succeed in the battle, will she be able to find herself in time? Or will she lose and lose the love of her life too?

The answer to that question will surprise you.

This was a great novel by first time author Dawn Brazil. For a fan of mystery, sci-fi and a bit of magic, this book did not disappoint.

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